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You know, “On my way into work this morning this guy almost hit me while talking on his phone.” or “I can’t believe that accident this morning. I saw her putting on her makeup before she hit the car at a red light.” So what does it mean to drive defensively? Well for starters we aren’t talking about how a teenager gets defensive when their parent asks where they were last night. It has nothing to do with putting the blame on others or defending our honor because we think we are better. In this case defensive simply means defending, or at least being to defend yourself and your property from damage by an outside source. Some of them require their son or daughter to take a parent taught divers education course.

Texas Online Drivers Ed

When we talk about outside sources it doesn’t only mean other drivers in the lanes around you. Animals, pedestrians, bicyclists, tree, debris, and the list can go on forever. The important thing to remember is that no matter where you are, there are always outside sources. What would you do if a tree fell twenty feet in front of you while driving 55 mph? How would you react to a child running out in the street to get a ball as you approach quickly blinded by the setting sun? The objective in asking these questions is not to make you feel inadequate. It is much easier to get answers and obtain knowledge if you know what questions to ask first. The key is to always be prepared for whatever it is that you encounter as a licensed driver.

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If you are ready to learn how to be more prepared to avoid damage to you, your passengers and your vehicle, taking a Texas online driver education is a great place to start. With the advances in technology over the past decade, when a driver takes a course online they are equally if not greater prepared for the road ahead. The online driver safety course we are offering is approved by the state of Texas and the TEA for meeting the highest standards for all driving courses available. Spend a minute to consider this. If ever one learned how to be better drivers and kept the information fresh in their mind with a refresher course every few years, would there be auto collisions? Begin your course today and see how you can improve as a driver.